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Thread: Short Hops: June 22nd, 2017 02:00 AM - 04:00 AM

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    Short Hops

    Join us Wednesday June 21st @ 9pm EDT for a couple short hops.

    Server: JoinFS use server:
    Departing: 9pm EDT [2017.6.22 01:00 UTC]
    Aircraft: ANY aircraft up to the size of a DC3

    Cruise Speed: ~140kts
    Altitude: 7000ft
    Flight Plan:
    YHOT>YCRG>YHOT [HOPS08.pln:]
    (virtual airliner route #'s: -)

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    Join us in a Australia for a couple hops! [Wed. 9pm EDT / 2017.6.22 01:00 UTC]
    Flight Plan: YHOT>YCRG>YHOT [HOPS08.pln:]

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