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    by Published on April 7th, 2014 10:49 PM  Number of Views: 2281 

    Hi, I'm D-1Y. I'm relatively new around here and thought I'd share some of what I've learned so far with any other new people that may be joining msflights.net.

    First of all, I don't have any computer tech knowledge, I've never flown outside of any commercial aircraft and I just started flying in FSX this year (had an old copy of FSsomething years ago but my POS-PC coundn't handle it). If I say anything that sounds like tech advice, close your ears. Everything I do know I learned from the members in here, so just listen to them instead of me. Everything else is my opinion and stuff that works for me. If might not be your bag, so do whatever is fun for you!

    My blog posts here are directed to noobs like me mostly, who I hope will garner a better understanding of FSX and get the most out of their experience here. First things first:

    Chapter 1: There's no such thing as a stupid question.

    This is, of course, complete horseshiat. For some people, the stupidity flows forth from their lips on a daily basis. When I started out, I had the benefit of not owning a microphone. That one factor alone probably raised my IQ level 10 points in the eyes of the other members. The top three dumb questions?....where are we flying, what are we flying, where are we going....how do I get there....wheres my plane, dude....can someone help me steer this thing....honestly. Here's what you do (particularly during group flights)...

    WTF is going on around here?

    Have three icons on your desktop:

    1) a link to msflights.net
    2) teamspeak
    3) FSX

    Before you start flying, just take 30 seconds to visit the main page at msflights.net. It will list any current or upcoming group flights first. That's the scoop on where you would be flying from and to if you want to participate. Below that is a map of where everyone is. It is live and always current. If you log in at 9:45 for a 9:00 flight YOU DONT HAVE TO ASK WHAT LEG EVERYONE IS ON because the map and its attached info tells you if people are on the ground, in the air, where they are, what speed they are flying, what aircraft they are flying....all that crap so you don't have to take up airtime being the 12th guy to ask those questions. Future blog posts can discuss how to most efficiently join the group in-flight...

    Then jump in to the group's teamspeak 3 channel. Say hi, stay quiet for a while until you figure out what's happening. See previous paragraph again. Don't start a conversation during a group flight. Do call out radio calls announcing your movements, intentions, etc. Generally speaking, dont be afraid to call out your intentions or otherwise ask questions about flying a plane in FSX. People here genuinely want to help you (more on that later)...and more about comm later.

    Then jump in to FSX and fly. Well, before that...go to Settings, hit General, and un-check the Pause On Task box. This will allow you to hit alt-Enter to leave full screen mode while in-flight and not be paused (autopilot helps!). Then you can check back to msflights for updated info, or check teamspeak for anything, Skype with Grandma...whatever, and not miss a beat while flying. alt-Enter returns you back to full screen. While in settings, go in Realism and un-check "Allow collitions with other aircraft" for group flights. Don't or try not to spawn on runways. These would be good questions to ask...how do I be less annoying by doing x....?

    Lastly, use your brain. 95%+ of the basic stuff you can learn on your own. Go for it. Use the tutorial and training info that came with FSX! Google it. Watch a few youtube videos. See othe blog posts here. Try it out first before joining a group flight (ie GPS usage, autopilot...etc). Learn how to control a plane before you join a group flight, not during! That being said, don't let being a lousy pilot stop you from participating and having fun...I do it all the time. aaaand, I crash a lot. -sigh-

    Next up: Down the Rabbit Hole you Go.

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