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  1. Free x-plane 11 demo

    Not sure how in depth the demo is...hope to try it out later today:
  2. Elite Dangerouns + expansion sale = $40

  3. Did I miss something?

    Warning: I'm going to again do what I so often do-- refer to a recent AVweb article.

    The article, "Don't Mess Up the Miss," covers some of the dos and don'ts of performing a missed approach-- the act of transitioning from the approach/landing phase of flight to a climb configuration-- also called a go-around, a wave-off, or an "oh crap," depending on the circumstances.

    Lots of things happen in a relatively short amount of time during the execution of a missed approach. ...
  4. Beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic coming towards Spain

  5. Awesome Small group flight from KBOI to KSLC

    Well what started out as one friend from Seattle to Oregon, then another friend jumped in at Portland, and then from there over to Boise, gained 3 more people that wanted to fly with me. It was fun to just fly around with random people on the MSflights NA server. That was a really fun group to fly with.
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